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If you are interested in having less stress and better sex you’ve come to the right place. I offer books, audio collections, video training courses, and premium coaching services that help you become more psychologically flexible, reduce your stress, and improve your sex life. I also offer three CEU-bearing Coacn Training Courses for Certified Coaches .

I am a university professor, author, and a world-renowned expert in how the mind and body work together during the stress and sexual responses (see my CV for more details).

Less Stress Products
Better Sex Products
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Less Stress Products

My Less Stress Products range from e-books, self-help books, and an audio collection, to full courses on topics such as Everyday Mindfulness and my comprehensive Five Steps to Conquering Your Stress Course. My approach in all of my Less Stress Products focuses on understanding how the mind and body work together to stop the stress response dead in its tracks. Thousands of students and clients from around the globe have used my Less Stress products to stress less and live more.

Better Sex Products

My Better Sex Products also range from e-books, self-help books, and an audio collection to full courses on topics such as Sexual Mindfulness and Great Sex From the Inside Out. My approach in all of my Better Sex Products focuses on understanding how the mind and body work together during sexual response. For over 30 years my Better Sex Products have helped people just like you have the sex lives they want and deserve.

Coach CEU Products

I offer three CEU-bearing coach training courses. The underlying thread in these training courses is helping your clients develop greater psychological flexibility. Research has shown that psychological inflexibility is one of the leading causes of anxiety, depression, stress, loss of sexual desire, and general unhappiness. In my CEU courses you’ll learn how to use the following strategies to help clients become more psychologically flexible:

Values-Based Goal Setting
Managing Troubling Thoughts and Painful Emotions
Relaxation Training

All of my Coach CEU courses integrate hands-on exercises and include video, audio, and print formats so you can watch, listen, or read at your convenience. I know my courses work because they have been used by thousands of coaches, clients, and students around the globe.

Premium Coaching Products

I offer two types of premium coaching products:
  • Stress Coaching
  • Sex Coaching

I only work with one Premium Coaching Client at a time. When you sign up to be a Premium Coaching Client you have my undivided attention for one – three months (depending upon your package). My coaching style is very different from what you’ve probably experienced with other coaches. My coaching is very directive and more like personal training than traditional coaching. It revolves around working you through my training courses while meeting your specific goals.



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