The ToDo Institute

The ToDo Institute

The ToDo Institute provides a wealth of material on Alternative Methods of Mental Health such as Morita Therapy and Naikan from Japan. Most approaches to mental health in the West are rooted in European psychology. The principles presented here are quite different, originating in Japan and rooted in Asian tradition and philosophy. Although rooted in Eastern philosophy, these methods are integrated beautifully into our contemporary western society, providing balance, beauty and wisdom. They offer an alternative approach based on values such as mindfulness, purposeful living, gratitude and responsible action.

Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science (ACBS)

Association for Contextual and Behavioral Science

The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) is dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of functional contextual cognitive and behavioral science. Its goal is to alleviate human suffering and promote well being by developing:

  • A coherent and progressive science of human action that is more adequate to the challenges of the human condition.
  • Useful principles, practices, and applied technologies guided by the best available scientific evidence
  • A view of science that values a dynamic, ongoing interaction between empirical knowledge and practical application.
  • A community of scholars, researchers, educators, and practitioners who emphasizes open and low cost methods of practice that focus on benefiting others.

Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE)

Center for Credentialing and Education

The Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential independently verifies that applicants have met professional coaching competency standards established by CCE and subject matter experts. These standards reflect the common knowledge, skills and abilities of a professional coach. The BCC demonstrates to the public that a professional coach has:

  • Met educational and training requirements
  • Passed a psychometrically sound coach-specific examination
  • Obtained experience in the field of coaching
  • Professional peer references
  • Accountability to an enforceable ethics code
  • Commitment to continuing education



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