Coping with Stress, 5th Ed (2012)

Coping with Stress, 5th Ed (2012)

Stress doesn’t just happen. It is a dynamic process involving you, a perceived threat, and your environment. Coping with Stress in a Changing World, 5th ed. will teach you how to manage all three elements.

Three reasons why Coping with Stress in a Changing World, 5th ed. is the BEST Stress Management text available:

Provides an holistic and healthy framework for understanding your stress.
Dr. Rich’s “Five Rs to Conquering Your Stress” provides a multi-dimensional approach for … conquering your stress!
Provides an evidence-based, best-practices approach to stress management.

Practical, Easy-to Learn Approach
This powerful book uses the highly practical, easy-to-learn Five Rs to Conquering Your Stress to help you thrive, despite all the stresses of daily life.

The Five Rs – Rethink, Relax, Reduce, Reorganize, and Release – will empower you with powerful strategies across the five most important areas of stress management. Handle “stressors” with each strategy or in combination.

These strategies will help you identify “stress threats” BEFORE they become full-blown problems.

Each of the Rs is chock-full of helpful techniques based on the latest scientific evidence and best practices in the field.

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