Health Counseling, 2nd ed (2011)

Health Counseling, 2nd ed (2011)

Health Counseling: A Microskills Approach for Counselors, Educators, and School Nurses, 2nd Ed. teaches non-professionally trained counselors the basic skills of counseling.

This is the ONLY health counseling textbook to use a single, theoretical framework to teach the entire subject.

Simply the BEST Health Counseling Textbook available for three reasons:

  1. It covers general health and counseling theory in easy-to-understand language for non-counselors.
  2. It breaks counseling down into easy-to master skills
  3. It demonstrates how to use the skills to counsel people with specific health problems

Features & Benefits

  • Counseling Hints present quick tips for achieving optimal use of the micro skills with clients.
  • “Diverse Perspectives” boxes that present diverse client (age, gender, race/ethnicity etc.) perspectives on the important health issues covered in the chapters.
  • Case studies put a human face on the health problem being discussed. This allows students to see how the health problem is manifested in real people, not just receive a theoretical description of it in the text.
  • Student Study Questions enable students to review key concepts presented in the text and to reinforce learning outcomes
  • Chapter Summaries present a broad overview of the chapter and connect the material to the text as a whole

Dr. Rich personally guarantees that you will not find a better textbook for teaching non-professionally trained counselors the basic skills of counseling.

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