Healthy Sexuality, 3rd ed (2013)

Healthy Sexuality, 3rd ed (2013)

Healthy Sexuality, 3rd Ed. is an introductory text that focuses on the positive, life-enhancing aspects of healthy sexuality. It is based on the fundamental information and concepts that have evolved from the research in human sexuality. This text shows how the healthy expression of our sexuality can improve our overall level of health and wellness.

Simply the BEST Human Sexuality Textbook available for three reasons:

  1. Provides a comprehensive holistic health-based framework for understanding human sexuality.
  2. Takes a “pro-sex” instead of a “problem–oriented” approach to human sexuality.
  3. Integrates various sexual orientations into all chapters and takes a values-neutral approach to discussing sexual orientation and gender issues.

Outstanding Features:

  • Presents student learning objectives to introduce readers to the content of each chapter and personally connect them to the material
  • Provides case studies throughout each chapter designed to illustrate how the material in the chapter connects to real individuals in everyday situations
  • Contains personal exploration activities to encourage student participation in exploring their feelings and opinions on sexuality issues
  • Offers “Sex in Society” boxes throughout the text that presents unusual, interesting and sometimes controversial material that relates to the discussion

Healthy Sexuality, 3rd Ed. offers the best price of any full-sized textbook on the subject.

Dr. Rich personally guarantees that you will not find a better human sexuality textbook at this price anywhere.

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