Introduction to the Five R’s of Conquering Your Stress

Introduction to the Five R’s of Conquering Your Stress


Does your mind constantly race from thought to thought and worry to worry?

Do you have a hard time staying focused on the things in your life that really matter?

Are you tense, tired, listless, and have lost your passion in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Conquer Your Stress With the Five R’s is for you. It will help you take back your life from stress using my unique stress-busting system.

Introduction to the Five R’s of Conquering Your Stress

This book presents my unique approach to conquering your stress using my Five R’s (Rethink, Relax, Release, Reduce, & Reorganize) Model. The Conquer Your Stress with the Five R’s approach will give you a multi-level defense against any kind of stress or stressful circumstance.

I guarantee that after reading this book you will understand my unique approach to:

  • slowing down your runaway mind when you are stressed
  • staying focused on what needs to be done despite being stressed
  • using healthy alternatives to releasing stress-related tension and energy
  • conserving your valuable energy by relaxing your body and mind

Is it worth $7.99 to take back your life from the ravages of stress?

If the answer is yes then act now and order your copy today!

Price: $7.99


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