Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness, 1ed (2011)

Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness, 1ed (2011)

If you are like a lot of coaches you probably have clients who are stuck and not reaching their goals because negative emotions such as fear, worry, and doubt are powerful barriers they can’t break through. These clients are not mentally ill; they are just STUCK.

Don’t let the word “therapy” send up a red flag in your mind, this is not a book about psychotherapy. It’s a book about how to use principles and practices drawn from ACT to help your coaching clients get unstuck and meet their goals.

If you have been searching for an all-in-one resource to use to help these clients get unstuck and move forward, this is it!

Three reasons why Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is the BEST Coaching resource available for helping clients overcome the emotional barriers that keep them stuck:

  1. It is the ONLY coaching book that shows you how to use proven ACT-based strategies and techniques with your coaching clients to get them unstuck and on course to meet their goals..
  2. It is chock-full of easy-to use but powerful ACT-based activities that you can instantly use with your clients.
  3. The techniques and exercises in the book can be used with any type of coaching clients or practice (life, business, health and wellness etc.)

I personally guarantee that you will not find a better resource for helping your clients break through the emotional barriers and negative thinking that are keeping them stuck and unable to meet their goals. If you are not completely satisfied with Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, simply return it to me for a full refund, no questions asked.

Isn’t it worth it to get your clients unstuck and back on track?

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