Stress Less, Live More (2010)

Stress Less, Live More (2010)


Does your mind constantly race from thought to thought and worry to worry?

Do you have a hard time staying focused on the things that matter?

Are you tired, listless, and missing passion in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Stress Less, Live More: How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Can Help You Live a Busy Yet Balanced Life will help you overcome all of these terrible effects of stress AND MORE.

The Stress Less, Live More Approach

Stress Less, Live More presents a unique approach to conquering your stress that uses the power of your mind to change the way you think about stress. You will learn how to quickly short-circuit the stress response as soon as you notice it.

After reading this book you will be able to use techniques such as mindfulness, acceptance, and relaxation training to:

  • slow down your runaway mind when you are stressed
  • stay focused on what you need to do despite being stressed
  • conserve your valuable energy by relaxing your body and mind

Isn’t it worth just $16.95 to take back your life from the ravages of stress?

Of course it is! Act now and order your copy today!

Price: $16.95


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