Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island

About the Book

In my new book, Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island, I  provide a beautiful guide for greater mindfulness with fun, easy to master exercises and information that guide you through your mindfulness training while enjoying the beauty of Marco Island at sunrise.

Sunrise Meditations on Marco Island is a book for anyone who loves color photographs of Marco Island’s beaches, waterways, and sunrises. It is also a book for anyone who is interested in learning how to practice mindfulness meditation while walking or running on the beach or kayaking on the waters surrounding Marco Island or your local waterways.

I’ve spent hundreds of mornings walking and running on Marco Island’s beaches and kayaking on the surrounding waters at sunrise. All of the photos in this book were taken during my sunrise runs on the beach or kayak outings in the 10,000 islands. Marco Island is the first and largest of the 10,000 islands that stretch all the way along the Gulf of Mexico to Key West.

I’ve tried to use my photos to capture the grandeur of Marco Island sunrises and my writing to capture its soul. My innovative approach to teaching sitting and moving meditation will show you how to build a mindfulness meditation practice around your love of the beach and the water. This beautiful book will not only enhance your love of watching the sun rise over Marco Island’s beaches and beautiful waterways, it will show you how to enrich your life with mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Most people have heard about mindfulness but really don’t understand what it is or how to use it to make their lives better. Simply put, mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment with all five of your senses. There are four dimensions of mindful moments. All mindful moments are:

  • present centered
  • non-conceptual
  • non-judgmental
  • non-verbal

Mindful moments are present centered because they always focus on the present, never the past or the future. Most of your thoughts are one step removed from the present moment because they focus on the past or future.

Mindful moments are non-conceptual because during them you merely notice the occurrence of something and your thoughts and feelings related to it. You don’t try to figure out why you are thinking and feeling what you are, you simply notice and accept what is going on.

Mindful moments are non-judgmental because they are based on accepting reality for what it is. You do not judge or compare a person or an experience  against some arbitrary standard, you just accept them for what they are.

Lastly, mindful moments are non-verbal. They do not involve talking. Speaking involves another layer of cognitive activity that takes you out of the present moment.

What This Book Will Do For You

This book will show you how to use the beauty of Marco Island sunrises as your focal point for practicing mindfulness. You’ll learn how to slow down your runaway mind and reduce your stress by being more mindful of simple things such as watching the clouds at sunrise or listening to the waves as they break on the shore as you walk. Practicing mindfulness will not only increase your awareness of the beauty and uniqueness of Marco Island, it will deepen your connection to all of the things in your life that truly matter.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could live it more mindfully with all five senses. You could:

  • Transform your meals into mindful eating experiences bursting with color, flavor, and texture.
  • Turn each lovemaking session with your partner into a sensual delight that keeps it new and fresh.
  • Turn all of your aerobic exercise sessions into moving meditations.
  • Listen to music, watch a movie, or read a book with your full attention and focus, appreciating every note, scene, and word.
  • Treat each conversation with respect by truly listening to others with understanding.
  • Give your work, school. and training activities the full attention and focus they deserve.
  • These, and other daily tasks can be made much more rewarding and effective by practicing them more mindfully

This beautiful book will show you how to use your love of Marco Island to truly transform your life with mindfulness.

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Book Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction  

Chapter 2: Mindful Moments Defined

Chapter 3: Why Practice Mindfulness?

Chapter 4: Mindfulness Meditation Training

Chapter 5: Sitting Meditation

Chapter 6: Moving Meditation

The book is laid out so that each photo page has a mirror image page with text written on it. One the left page is the color photo and on the right page is the mirror image that serves as a watermark upon which the text is printed. I’ve tried to minimize the amount of text and limit it to what you need to know in order to practice sitting or moving mindfulness meditation.

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