Helping the Helpers Reduce Their Stress

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Who is helping the helpers reduce their stress

Isn’t it ironic that helpers, people just like you who have dedicated themselves to helping others reduce their stress, reach their goals, and live lives filled with passion and purpose have lost those very qualities themselves? So many helpers I know are overwhelmed by too many demands and commitments and not enough time to meet them.

You spend your days and nights seeing clients, attending meetings, writing reports, obtaining continuing education, volunteering to run committees and functions. You are continually on the go trying to balance the demands of being a helper, spouse, parent, and caregiver to your own parents. You are a good person and committed to helping so many others that you’ve lost the ability to take back your own time and your own life.


Do you:


Feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and demands on your time that leave you little time for your own life?

Feel that you’ve lost your zest for living?

Feel unable to say no to demands and responsibilities that put you over the edge?

Feel that you’ve lost your life’s compass and are being tossed around like a ship without a rudder, subject to the winds of fate the will of others?


If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to start taking back your time and your life before you start to burnout.


Taking back your time is a three part process:


Part one involves examining your personal and professional values and goals and the direction you want your life to be moving in.

Part two involves assessing how you currently use your time and where this is helping or hindering you in meeting your values-based goals.

Part three involves taking concrete action steps based on specific skills (some of which you already have) that help you get rid of unhelpful demands, free up time, and get back on course to living a values-based life filled with passion and purpose. Learn how to SAY NO to the people and things that put you over the edge.

These three steps will give your stress reduction plan clarity and direction. 


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