How Can  Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching Benefit My Practice?

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In my free webinar I show you how adopting simple AC Coaching principles and practice can  dramatically increase client success  (especially the high-achievers) in reaching coaching goals.

Clients who reach their goals are generally satisfied with your work and become your best source of referrals.

In a previous blog I described what  AC Coaching is all about. In this blog I want to describe how it  is used to increase compliance with coaching goals.

Clients generally come to you for coaching for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. To learn something new in order to satisfy a personal or business need.
  2. To learn something new to boost their marketability and competitive edge.
  3. To increase their proficiency in a skill they have a basic understanding of.
  4. To make an informed choice about a business or personal decision and need objective help weighing the pros and cons.
  5. To get the motivation or help they need  to take action and meet their goals.

Related to all five of these reasons are helpful or unhelpful internal factors.  These are the troubling thoughts, painful emotions, scary mental images, and negative self-talk that accompany the reasons for seeking coaching. I call these internal factors because they exist in the mind. You don’t have to be a shrink to understand this or explain it to your clients.

Sometimes these internal factors are helpful and support clients signing on with you and starting to work on their coaching plans.

Other times these  internal factors create barriers that either keep clients from entering into a coaching relationship to begin with or keep them from following through with their coaching plans once they’ve signed on.

There are countless coach training programs on the market that teach you how to use marketing and  sales techniques to attract clients,  overcome barriers, and get them to sign up for coaching.

Unfortunately, most coach training programs advocate using these same marketing and sales techniques to help clients overcome internal barriers, take action, and follow-through on their  coaching goals.

AC Coaching does not do this. Clients are not stuck because of sales and marketing problems. Clients are stuck because they lack the psychological flexibility necessary to embrace change and growth (two key components of coaching).

AC Coaching helps clients becomes more psychologically flexible. It does this by helping clients become aware of how internal barriers are standing in their way, accept them for what they are, and co-exist with them while shifting  their focus OFF of them and onto taking goal-oriented action.

AC Coaching does not dwell on the origin of these internal barriers, analyze them to death,  or strive for some magical insight into them that will instantly translate into productive action. It does not try to change clients’ thinking or feeling. Its goals are acceptance and taking committed action.

AC Coaching techniques and strategies are derived from evidence-based research from Contextual and Behavioral Psychology  and adapted to coaching. They have a demonstrated track record of over two decades of success across a variety of issues.

In Free Webinar I show you how all of this works and give you some examples of how to help your clients become more psychologically flexible and get unstuck.

Get the webinar by clicking on the link below:

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