Coaching for clients

Individual Coaching

While I can help you with all of your coaching needs I specialize in three types of individual coaching:

  • Stress Coaching
  • Sex Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coaching

I do not do couples or group coaching.

Here’s How My Weekly Coaching Program Works

My coaching style is very different from what you’ve probably experienced with other coaches. My coaching is very directive and more like personal training than traditional coaching.

Each week we will have a live session conducted via Zoom and a virtual session via email. You will get video and audio copies of our live sessions so you can refer back to them as often as you want. They are yours forever.

All live sessions are 60 minutes long and will be conducted using Zoom, a conferencing program that you can download for free. Zoom has several features that make it easy for us to maximize our time together.

  • Zoom video allows us to see each other as we speak (or just talk if you prefer).
  • Zoom screen share allows me to share my computer screen with you. This enables me to illustrate key points using different multimedia approaches (audio or video clips, photos, charts, etc.).
  • Zoom record allows me to record each session and send you the audio and video files of the session.

In our first live session we will discuss what brought you to coaching and set some preliminary goals for our time together. As we work together you will have multiple opportunities to revise and fine-tune your coaching goals.

I will help you write values-based goals and break them down  into manageable objectives that ensure your success and motivate youto keep moving forward. The majority of our other live coaching sessions will revolve around helping you meet your goals.

All email sessions revolve around activities and videos designed to help you learn and practice new skills that you can use to reach your coaching goals. You will  be responsible for sending me your completed activities via email before our next live session   I will read them, make comments, and send them back to you with personalized feedback. We will start each new live session with a quick review of your completed activities and your thoughts and feelings about them.

Reviewing and commenting on your activities typically takes me at least one hour so in essence you are getting 2 sessions (1 hour homework and 60 minutes worth of coaching) for the price of one.

Even though this is a lot of extra work for me, I prefer this model because it keeps you motivated throughout the week and gives you the opportunity to review the material, learn new skills, and practice them. It also keeps us connected and accountable to each other.

1 Hour Coaching Session ($ 150.00) 

Want to test the waters? Sign up for a one-hour trial session. Prior to this hour-long session I will hold a free telephone consultation session with you. This will give you a chance to discuss your coaching goals with me and ask any questions you have before paying anything.

3-Session Package ($350.00) 

Here is what you get when you sign up for three sessions:

  • 3 one-hour live coaching sessions
  • 3 email sessions … that’s 6 sessions total!
  • at-home activities, with “focused feedback” on your completed activities
  • a savings of $100.00 off the cost of three sessions.

The information and skills that I share with you will take some time to develop, and I strongly encourage you to maintain momentum by continuing for longer than three sessions.

3-Month Package ($1,500)

If you’re ready to seriously commit to changing your life and pay a three-month investment in advance, you will get your best value and save $300.00.

Here’s what you’ll get when you invest in yourself and sign up for three months of coaching:

  • 12 one-hour live coaching sessions (one per week for 3 full months)
  • 12 weekly at-home activities, custom-personalized exercises just for you
  • 12 Weekly email follow-ups, with “focused feedback” on your completed activities
  • BONUS: A copy of one of my books (either Stress Less, Live More or Sex ACT: unleash the power of your sexual mind with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • a savings of $300.00 off the normal cost of 12 coaching sessions.



 It’s YOUR life.

Take action NOW!

Stress Less and Live More,
Dr. Rich Blonna

* * * * *


Great Starting Point

  • One Coaching Session


Step It Up

  • 3 Coaching Sessions
  • 3 At-Home Activities
  • 3 Email Follow-Ups


All In

  • 12 Coaching Sessions
  • 12 At-Home Activities
  • 12 Email Follow-Ups
  • Plus Dr Rich's Book

Questions? CLICK HERE to contact Dr. Rich directly.



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