How to Cope With Stress

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In this video I talk about how to cope with stress using a multi-level defense system called the Five R’s of coping. The Five R’s; Rethink, Relax, Release, Reduce, and Reorganize give you five different levels of coping against stress.


The Five R's of Coping

Dealing with stress involves more than learning a couple of unrelated stress management tips. You need a stress management system that has multiple levels of defense to protect you against all kinds of stressful situations.

In a previous video (What is Stress?),  I described the three components of stress: (1) a potential stressor, (2) what your mind tells you (your self-talk) about it and your ability to cope with it and (3) a stress response that kicks in if you feel unable to cope with it.

The Five R’s system targets all three components of stress using five different levels of defense. It is a complete system for coping with all kinds of stressors and stressful situations.

Watch the video for more information,

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Dr Rich

ps; check out my blog post, How Do I cope With My Stress for even more information about coping:)



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