Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness CEU Course: Video # 1 Introduction

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Video # 1 Introduction to Maximizing Your Coaching Effectiveness

6  CEU Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness Training Course

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In this video I will show you how to maximize your coaching effectiveness by helping your clients break through thinking and feeling barriers that keep them stuck and unable to comply with their coaching goals.

I will also show you how to earn 6 Coaching CEUs with my new Maximizing Your Coaching Effectiveness Training Course.

An Acceptance and Commitment (AC) approach to coaching shows how psychological inflexibility is the root cause of clients getting stuck and being unable to meet their coaching goals.

Clients who are more psychologically-flexible are able to accept and co-exist with the troubling thoughts and painful emotions that accompany taking action, especially if it involves something new and challenging or something that they cannot control completely.

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