Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness CEU Course: Video # 4 Commitment

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Video # 4 Helping Clients Get Unstuck Using Commitment

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In this video I’m going to show you what commitment is and how to help your clients commit to taking action on their values-based goals while coexisting with the troubling thoughts and painful emotions that often accompany change.

I also show you how to earn 6 Coaching CEUs with my new Maximizing Your Coaching Effectiveness Training Course.

Commitment is the action part of Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching. When clients commit to something, they pledge to follow through with their plans.

The reality of taking action is that it usually involves troubling thoughts and painful emotions  (aka pain and suffering)  things that most clients want to control, avoid, or eliminate from their lives.

AC Coaching studies have found that trying to control avoid, or eliminate troubling thoughts and painful emotions actually makes them worse.

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