Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness CEU Course: Video # 6 Observing Self and Disentanglement

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Helping Clients Get Unstuck using The Observing Self and Disentanglement.

6  CEU Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness Training Course

Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy )

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In this video I’m going to show you to use two AC Coaching techniques, The Observing Self and Disentanglement to help your clients distance themselves from troubling thoughts and painful emotions that have them stuck in a rut and unable to make progress on their coaching goals.

I also show you how to earn 6 Coaching CEUs with my new Maximizing Your Coaching Effectiveness Training Course.

The observing self view allows clients to step back and become impartial observers of their thoughts and feelings.

Observing their thoughts and feelings from the safe distance of the observing self allows clients to see that their mental activity is just that, things going on in their minds.

It also helps them observe whether or not this mental activity is accurate, helpful, or contributes to reaching their coaching goals.

Disentanglement is a natural follow-up to the Observing Self because clients need to understand the self-as-context (observing self) views before they can disentangle from the areas they are stuck on.


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