Sexual Mindfulness Book: Ch. 13 Mindful Sexual Relationships

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Video # 13 Mindful Sexual Relationships

In this video I answer the question; How can you use mindfulness to enhance your sexual relationship with your partner?

The first part of this video focuses on using Naikan, a type of self-reflection, to build grace and gratitude for your partner. Naikan helps you take the focus off of yourself and your needs and shifts it to your partner. The second half of this chapter focuses on sexual communication, sharing sexual thoughts and feelings with your partner. The skills involved in learning how to communicate clearly are the same ones used in sexual communication. The difference is the topic of conversation. For example, it might be easy to use effective communication techniques to talk to your boss about your needs, wants, and expectations related to a project at work. It might be a totally different story communicating to your partner about your needs, wants, and expectations about your sex life.


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