Sexual Mindfulness Book: Ch. 9 A Deep Dive into Mindfulness

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Video # 9 A Deep Dive Into Mindfulness

In this video I answer the question; What exactly is mindfulness? Humans are mindful creatures. As newborns, we establish a bond to our mothers and caregivers through our senses. We respond to warm gentle touch. We develop a sense of security and trust as we are held, cuddled, have our diapers changed, and are swaddled in soft, warm, clothing and bedding. Sounds become familiar and reassuring. We pay attention to soft encouraging words, soothing music, and natural background sounds. The sound of a bird at our window captures our attention as much as the reassuring words of a caring parent. We lock on to our mother’s eyes as she breastfeeds us and our father’s eyes as he gives us a bottle or carefully spoons baby food into our mouth and gently wipes the excess off of our chins. We follow the flight of mobiles, dust motes, shadows, and other visual delights as they enter our field of vision. We not only taste our food, we experience it with our other senses. We don’t have to be taught to mindfully experience life in the present moment. We are born with the ability to do so.


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