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Everyone from Oprah to Depak Chopra seems to be into Mindfulness. Even Time Magazine devoted a special edition to it. 

 Most people have heard about mindfulness but really don’t understand what it is or how to use it to make their lives better.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could live it more mindfully with all five senses. You could:

  • Transform your meals into mindful eating experiences bursting with color, flavor, and texture.

  • Turn each lovemaking session with your partner into a sensual delight that keeps it new and fresh.

  • Turn all of your aerobic exercise sessions into moving meditations.

  • Listen to music, watch a movie, or read a book with your full attention and focus, appreciating every note, scene, and word.

  • Treat each conversation with respect by truly listening to others with understanding.

  • Give your work, school. and training activities the full attention and focus they deserve.

These, and other daily tasks can be made much more rewarding and effective by practicing them more mindfully.

Living more mindfully not only enhances your life and helps you get the most out of each experience, it is noticed and appreciated by others.

Your boss, spouse/partner, kids, friends and associates will all notice the change in you .

I designed my new course, “Everyday Mindfulness” to help people just like you use Mindfulness to make your life better.

So what exactly is Everyday Mindfulness?

In order to understand Everyday Mindfulness you need to know what mindfulness is.  Mindfulness is best described as moment-by-moment awareness.

There are four dimensions of mindful moments. All mindful moments are:

  • present centered

  • non-conceptual

  • non-judgmental

  • non-verbal

Mindful moments present centered because they always focus on the present, never the past or the future. Most of your thoughts are one step removed from the present moment because they focus on the past or future.

Mindful moments are non-conceptual because during them you merely notice the occurrence of something and your thoughts and feelings related to it. You don’t try to figure out why you are thinking and feeling what you are, you simply notice and accept what is going on.

Mindful moments are non-judgmental because they are based on accepting reality for what it is. You do not judge or compare a person or an experience  against some arbitrary standard, you just accept them for what they are.

Lastly, mindful moments are non-verbal. They do not involve talking. Speaking involves another layer of cognitive activity that takes you out of the present moment.

Let me give you a sexual example.

Imagine that you are making love with your partner. If you were doing it mindfully here is what would be going on:

Present Centered – You would be fully attentive to what is going on with your partner. You would be experiencing your partner with all five senses. Your thoughts would only focus on what is going on with your two bodies as you make love. They would not drift to something that happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow.

Non- Conceptual- Instead of thinking about why things are going the way you are you you would simply note what is happening and enjoy it. You wouldn’t be trying to figure out or anticipate anything. You would accept your sexual experience for what it is and allow it to play out however it does.

Non Judgmental – You wouldn’t judge or compare your partner and your lovemaking to anything. You would enjoy and accept your partner and your lovemaking for what it was, not for what it could be or should be according to some societal standard.

Non-Verbal – You wouldn’t be talking a lot. You would communicate what had to be said with your body and your spirit.

That is the essence of Everyday Mindfulness.

Everyday Mindfulness is the application of the principles and practices of mindfulness to everyday living (like kayaking at sunrise).


Imagine what you life would be like if you could approach each experience, sexual or otherwise, in such a mindful way.

The Everyday Mindfulness Program Will :

  • Teach You What Mindfulness is.

  • Teach You Mindfulness Skills

  • Show You How to Build Mindfulness into your everyday life.

  • Show You How to Become a More Mindful Lover.

  • Teach You Mindful Eating.

  • Show You How to Turn Your Workouts Into Mindful Meditations.

  • Show You How to Use Mindfulness to Strengthen Your Relationships.

  • Show You How to Experience Life With All Five of Your Senses.

Here is what you get in the Everyday

Mindfulness Program



13 Sessions 

 13 Video Lectures

13 Audio Lectures  

 24 Mindfulness Practice Exercises 

        1 Course Manual (106 page E-Book PDF file)

      1 Quick Start Guide

You get all of this for only $157.00

Isn’t it worth the price of a couple of cups of coffee each week to start getting the most out of your life and your relationships?

So, what are you waiting for?

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Everyday Mindfulness Program

 Here is what others have to say about my work:

Dr. Rich:  I feel like I know you after watching and listening to you through your training program!!  I’m thrilled with what I have gained and how it already enriches my coaching.  Thank you so much for the content, your commitment, and for making the program so easily accessible. I greatly appreciate the insight and tools I’ve gained through this program, and wish you well in your life’s journey.

Best regards,

– Betty Bowman, Executive/Leadership Coach & CCE Board Certified Coach                                                                                  

As a CPA in public practice, the thought that another stress-filled tax season was approaching was depressing and affecting my sex life. I decided to do something about it. Dr. Rich’s program delivers as advertised! I have gotten into a routine, started to meditate, and feel better.  I find that the little things at work aren’t bothering me as much. I also find that my “road rage” stress has decreased. Best of all, my sex life has improved dramatically. I hope to maintain these improvements during my next few stressful work months, and I look forward to further improvement in the months following.

Ken Buckworth – CPA in Private Practice

I have known Rich for many years and I believe he possesses a combination of qualities — integrity, generosity, compassion — which, along with the depth of his understanding of psychology and human nature, make him a valuable counselor for those who are looking to create a more meaningful life.

Gregg Krech,  Author, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection


Sign up right now for the Everyday Mindfulness Program for the low price of just $157.00




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