Great Sex From the Inside Out

Most loving, committed couples get stuck in a sexual rut at some point in their relationship. They are not dysfunctional, just stuck.

I’ve developed a new home study program called Great Sex From The Inside Out that might be just what you need to reignite the flame of desire in your relationship.


This is a program for lovers who:

  • have been in a marriage or committed relationship for at least 5-10 years.
  • are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities.
  • are still in love but your passion and desire are not what they used to be.
  • feel that your sex life could use a tune up but you are not interested in anything kinky or artificial.

Benefits of the Great Sex Program:

  • my approach to great sex is perfect for lovers who have been together for 5, 10, 25, or 45 years (like my wife and I have been)
  • you can find ways to re-ignite the flame of desire regardless of your age or responsibilities.
  • not only can you re-ignite your passion and desire at any age, you can actually increase it regardless of how long you have been in your relationship.
  • you can enjoy great sex at any age, even if you’ve never experienced it before.
  • my approach does not rely on sex toys, artificial devices, drugs, or gimmicks.
  • it is based on using easy-to-learn mental techniques to unleash the power of your sexual mind.

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Dr. Rich Blonna,

For the past 30 years, in my roles as College Professor, Health & Wellness Coach (BCC), Counselor (NCC) and Health Education Specialist (CHES) specializing in Human Sexuality,  I have worked with thousands of students and clients seeking to improve their sex lives.

These are people just like you who are in  loving, committed relationships but over time just got stuck in a sexual rut.

As you well know, sexual relationships change over time. Work, kids, health issues, aging parents, familiarity with our partners, and a million other things change the way we view ourselves as sexual people and our relationship with our partners.

Accompanying these changes are shifts in our sexual thoughts, feelings, values, and behavior. These changes in the way we view sex and our relationships often create thinking and feeling barriers that contribute to getting stuck. These sexual thinking and feeling barriers undermine the sexual part of our relationships and hurt our overall relationships.

As someone who has been married to the same woman for 48 years I understand how this happens. It has been an interesting journey, falling in love with my wife in my teens, marrying her at the age of 20, and essentially growing up together.

At 68, I have experienced the effects of both aging and time on myself, my wife, and our relationship. I have watched my sexual relationship attitudes and values evolve over 48 years and know how easy it is to fall prey to thinking and feeling traps about sex .

Fortunately, about a decade ago I discovered Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and became a pioneer in applying its principles and practices to the field of human sexuality.

Recently I have been involved in the new field of Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching, which took the healing practices of ACT and applied them to Coaching.

I say fortunately, because  AC Sex Coaching principles and practices are perfectly suited for helping people just like you manage thinking and feeling barriers about your personal sexuality and sexual relationships.

The Great Sex From the Inside Out Program uses simple but powerful mental techniques to help you understand your sexual relationship values and goals and examine how your thoughts and feelings either support or undermine them.

I know these techniques work because I have used them with thousands of students and clients and personally in my own loving, committed, 46 year marriage.

My Promise to You

I can’t promise that if you take my Great Sex From the Inside Out program you will have a perfect, stress-free sexual relationship. Honestly, such a thing just doesn’t exist.  There are still times when I struggle with unhelpful thoughts and feelings about my personal sexuality and my sexual relationship. This comes with the territory of being a busy adult and having a thousand things to think and worry about each day.

What I can promise you is that after finishing my program you will be able to recognize the thinking and feeling barriers that get and keep you stuck in a sexual rut. You will be able to use simple but powerful AC Sex Coaching mental techniques to break through these barriers, get unstuck, and have the sexual relationship you want and deserve. You will also discover greater sexual pleasure regardless of your age or how long you have been in your relationship with your partner.

What is the Secret to My Program?????

The secret to rekindling your passion and desire and having great sex at any age is unleashing the power of your sexual mind. 

The reason this is true is because great sex starts and finishes between your ears, not between your legs.

There are many different theories of sexual response starting with the great Masters and Johnson. They all propose that sexual response starts in your mind with desire and ends in your mind with satisfaction.

You determine what turns you on and starts the flames of desire burning. The flames of desire trigger your sexual arousal. Desire is psychological, triggered by the thoughts and feelings going on in your mind. Without desire there is no sexual arousal. Unhelpful thinking and feeling barriers can stop desire and arousal dead in their tracks.

If you feel desire, your mind switches on your body and sexual arousal begins. During sexual arousal your body starts many different reactions going leading to things like erection, lubrication, changes in skin color, respiration, heart rate etc.

For these to continue, your desire must remain (think about the last time you lost your erection or vaginal lubrication after initially feeling desire).

What your mind continues to tell you about yourself, your partner, and the experience (psychological factors), determines what will go on in your body (physiological factors) as the response evolves.

If your mind starts telling you unhelpful and negative things and generates painful emotions, your sexual response will start to shut down. If your mind tells you helpful and positive things, your arousal will continue to build until you reach the plateau. Plateau is that point of maximum sexual arousal, when you are just all wound up and twitchy and ready to explode.

If what your mind tells you continues to stay helpful and positive it triggers the wonderful release of all that sexual tension and energy that comes with the ripples of pleasure of orgasm.

Lastly is the sense of satisfaction or dissatisfaction you mind tells you about the experience when it is all over and you roll over and reflect about what the heck just happened.

As you can see from this, your mind plays a crucial role in desire, arousal, plateau, orgasm,and satisfaction.

How Your Mind Gets You Stuck in a Sexual Rut

While your mind is the key to unleashing desire, arousal, orgasm,and satisfaction, it also has the ability to shut down your sexual response in a heart-beat.

Troubling, negative thoughts, unhelpful self-talk, and painful emotions can extinguish the flames of desire and make arousal and orgasm difficult if not impossible. Needless to say these kinds of thoughts and feelings about sex will lead to dissatisfaction with yourself, your partner, and your sexual relationship.

In time, the negative, unhelpful thoughts and feelings your mind tells you about your sex life can lead to disinterest, loss of desire, lack of enjoyment of sex, and dissatisfaction with your sexual relationship.

How to Get Unstuck

To get unstuck you need you have to unleash the power of your sexual mind. This starts with understanding and accepting the important role your mind plays in your sexuality. Part of this is realizing that your mind is a 24/7 thinking and feeling machine. Much of what your mind tells you about your sexuality is outdated, inaccurate, illogical, and downright unhelpful.

When you realize that your mind works this way you discover that it is OK to disregard the unhelpful aspects of your mind’s sexual thinking and feeling and shift your attention to values-based behavior (take positive action). This will take your mind off of what is keeping you stuck and onto actions that will enhance your sexuality and create more positive and helpful thinking and feeling.

Accepting how your mind works and shifting your focus off of unhelpful thoughts and feelings and onto taking values-based action is a key part of getting unstuck.

The values that I keep talking about are your sexual values (not mine or someone else’s) that should form the basis of your personal sexuality and sexual relationship. My program will help you re-discover your sexual values.

Introducing the Great Sex From the Inside Out Program 

My new program combines 30 years of development and fine-tuning with thousands of students and clients into one, easy-to-learn Home Study Program.

The Great Sex From the Inside Out Program will show you how to :

  • Increase your understanding of your personal sexuality and your sexual relationship.
  • Use Mindfulness and Acceptance to discover what your mind is telling you about sex.
  • Identify the thinking and feeling traps that created the sexual barriers that got you stuck.
  • Get Unstuck by using mindfulness, acceptance, commitment, and other mental techniques.
  • Enjoy Sex More by unleashing the power of your sexual mind.
  • Strengthen Your Commitment to your husband, wife, partner, or lover.
  • Strengthen Your Overall Relationship by enhancing your sexual relationship.

 Here is what you get in the Program

9 Sessions (video, audio files)

 16 Lectures  (8 hours of video, audio files)  

 34 Activities (PDF File)

    8 Mp3 Audio Files from the Sexual Mindfulness Album(4 hours )

    1 E-Book (Sex-ACT PDF file)*

    1 Ch. 08 Blonna Textbook (Healthy Sexuality PDF File)*

    1 Quick Start Guide

Healthy Sexuality - Dr. Rich Blonna

You get all of this for only $ 360.00.

Isn’t it worth the price of a couple of cups of coffee each week to learn from one of the world’s leading sex experts?

 So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up right now for the Program, 

Great Sex From the Inside Out 

  Here is what others have to say about my work:

Dr. Rich:  I feel like I know you after watching and listening to you through your training program!!  I’m thrilled with what I have gained and how it already enriches my coaching.  Thank you so much for the content, your commitment, and for making the program so easily accessible. I greatly appreciate the insight and tools I’ve gained through this program, and wish you well in your life’s journey.

Best regards,

– Betty Bowman, Executive/Leadership Coach & CCE Board Certified Coach                                                                                  

As a CPA in public practice, the thought that another stress-filled tax season was approaching was depressing and affecting my sex life. I decided to do something about it. Dr. Rich’s program delivers as advertised! I have gotten into a routine, started to meditate, and feel better.  I find that the little things at work aren’t bothering me as much. I also find that my “road rage” stress has decreased. Best of all, my sex life has improved dramatically. I hope to maintain these improvements during my next few stressful work months, and I look forward to further improvement in the months following.

Ken Buckworth – CPA in Private Practice

I have known Rich for many years and I believe he possesses a combination of qualities — integrity, generosity, compassion — which, along with the depth of his understanding of psychology and human nature, make him a valuable counselor for those who are looking to create a more meaningful life.

Gregg Krech,  Author, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection


Sign up right now for the

Great Sex From the Inside Out 

Program for only $360.00, 




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