Digital Download Instructions

Your digital downloads from are contained in zip file, also known as a zip archive.

Zip files are files that have been compressed so they take up less storage space; this allows for quicker download times. Also, multiple files can be bundled together into a single “zip archive” file that bundles together all of the separate files.

“Unzipping” or “unbundling” a zip archive file is a simple, 3-step process:

  1. download the zip archive file (remember where you put it!)
  2. navigate to the place on your hard drive where you downloaded it, and
  3. extract all of the files contained in the zip archive and store them in a folder on your hard drive.

If your computer does not already have a zip or archive utility, the most popular ones are WinZip (for Windows) and StuffIt Expander (for Mac)

Here’s a wiki page with extremely simple instructions (with graphics):

Quick Start Guide

Navigating a new course with multiple zip files can be a challenge. To make it easier I’ve created this simple Quick Start Guide that will get you up and running immediately:




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