Dr. Rich’s 5 Rs #1: RETHINK

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Rethink strategies to conquer your stress use the power of your mind to short-circuit the stress response before it even begins. Your brain is a powerful organ that can both create and conquer stress. When you are exposed to a potential stressor your mind instantly answers two questions:

  1. “Is this threatening or harmful to me?”
  2. “Can I cope with it?”

If the answers are; ” yes it is threatening” and “no, I can’t cope” your brain will instantly trigger a stress response. The answers your mind give you to these two questions determines whether or not you will be stressed. Often, what your mind tells you about these two questions is inaccurate, illogical, and unhelpful.

Rethink strategies work by helping you understand how your mind works when thinking about stress. You can learn how to short-circuit your stress response by changing the way you think about the unhelpful messages your mind gives you about threatening and harmful situations and your ability to handle them.

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