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ACT-based Coaching

In my free AC Coaching Webinar I show you what Acceptance and Commitment (AC) Coaching is and how to get a $120.00 discount coupon for my 10 CEU Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness course.

In this comprehensive video webinar I show you how adopting simple AC Coaching principles and practice can  dramatically increase your clients’ success (especially the high-achievers) in reaching their coaching goals.

Clients who reach their goals are generally satisfied with your work and become your best source of referrals.

There are countless coach training programs on the market that teach you how to use marketing and  sales techniques to attract clients,  overcome barriers, and get them to sign up for coaching.


Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness - Dr. Rich Blonna


My Maximize Your Coaching Effectiveness course does not do this. It focuses on the main reason clients do not reach their goals; they get stuck in a rut because they lack psychological flexibility.

Psychological flexibility is necessary for clients to commit to taking action on meeting their goals. If they lack psychological flexibility they are much less likely to comply with their coaching goals.

AC Coaching helps clients becomes more psychologically flexible. It does this by showing clients how the troubling thoughts and painful emotions that often accompany coaching can form barriers to change.

Rather than allow these thoughts and feelings to stand in the way of meeting their goals, AC Coaching shows them how to accept and co-exist with them while shifting their focus OFF of these mental barriers and onto taking values-congruent action.

AC Coaching does not dwell on the origin of these internal barriers, analyze them to death,  or strive for some magical insight into them that will instantly translate into productive action. It does not try to change clients’ thinking or feeling.

The goals of AC Coaching are acceptance and taking committed action.

AC Coaching techniques and strategies are derived from evidence-based research from Contextual and Behavioral Psychology  and adapted to coaching. They have a demonstrated track record of over two decades of success across a variety of issues.

In this free webinar I show you how all of this works and give you some examples of how to help your clients become more psychologically flexible and get unstuck.

Get the webinar by clicking on the link below:

“> Click Here For Free Webinar


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