AC Sex Coaching # 6: The Observing Self and Disentanglement

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In this video I discuss the two most challenging AC Sex Coaching techniques; The Observing Self and Disentanglement.

The observing self view allows clients to step back and become impartial observers of their sexual thoughts, personal scripts, mental images and emotions.

When clients can observe their sexual thoughts, personal scripts etc., from the safe distance of the observing self view, it allows them to see that their mental activity is just that, things going on in their minds.

Disentanglement techniques give clients several different ways to step back and take an observing-self view. Many Disentanglement techniques such as the White Board actually use physical distance to separate clients from the contents of their minds (which they write down on white boards).

By stepping back and reading what is on the boards, clients distance themselves from it.

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