Sexual Mindfulness Book: Ch. 7 Sexual Response

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Here is a little taste from Ch 7; Sexual Response.

If you ask the average person which body part is most important regarding their sexual response, they’ll probably say, the penis or the vagina or something else related to their genitals.

Most people equate sexual response to genital functioning, something that goes on between their legs.

In fact, the most important body part involved in your sexual response is located between your ears.

Your brain, not your genitals, is the seat of your sexual response.

Sexual response begins in your mind with thoughts and feelings of desire.

Your mind turns that desire into arousal and sends signals to your genitals to open the flood gates of vasocongestion.

This causes your penis or clitoris to engorge with blood and swell.

It also cause your vulva to open like the petals of a flower and your vagina to get wet with lubrication.

Your mind keeps the response alive through plateau, that stage of maximum sexual arousal when your muscles tense, your heart rate and breathing increase, and your pleasure intensifies.

Your mind also triggers orgasm, that time when your body releases and all the tension and arousal in waves of ecstasy.

Lastly, your sexual response ends in your mind with thoughts and feelings of satisfaction and contentment or dissatisfaction and frustration.

Sexual response is a complex interaction of your mind and your body.

It involves four factors: you, your partner, your behavior, and the specific context in which your lovemaking occurs.

The specific thoughts and feelings that your mind churns out about these four factors influences every aspect of your sexual response from being able to get aroused to your level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the experience.

Sexual Mindfulness training helps you become more aware of your mind is telling you about these factors and helps you stay in the present moment and get your mind and body to work together in a positive way.

In this chapter you’ll use fun exercises to explore your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and mental images related to your sexual response.


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