Sexual Mindfulness Book: Chapters 9 & 10: Mindfulness Training

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The Book is Published!!!

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Here is a little taste from Chapters 9 & 10 on Mindfulness Training.

In chapters 9 and 10 of the book I give you step-by-step instructions for how to build mindfulness through what I call “formal and informal mindfulness training.”

Formal mindfulness training is structured around a program of daily meditation practice. There are countless ways to teach people how to meditate. I teach mindfulness meditation in three steps:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Training
  • Breath Meditation Training
  • Mindfulness Meditation Training

I find that breaking formal training down this way makes it easier for most people to relearn what it means to be mindful. In this non-threatening way you learn about the breath first, then apply that knowledge to learning how to meditate while focusing on the breath. Lastly, it sets the stage for learning mindfulness meditation.

If you are just beginning, starting with mindfulness meditation is a sure-fire prescription for failure. It is simply too difficult for most people who have never meditated before to jump right into mindfulness meditation practice and succeed. Easing in with my simple three step process guarantees your success.

Informal mindfulness training revolves around using simple exercises and activities that help you increase your awareness of everyday experiences. including sex. Informal mindfulness training shows you how to devote your full attention to both your internal and external environments.

Your internal environment relates to your thoughts, self-talk, mental images and your feelings. It also includes all of your five senses. Your external environment relates to your behavior and your physical surroundings.

Both formal and informal mindfulness training use exercises and activities that focus on the internal and external environments.The two types of training and different environmental focus reinforce each other.

For example, while practicing mindfulness meditation (a formal activity) you are aware of things going on in both your internal and external environments.

You notice your thoughts, feelings and body sensations in addition to the sights, sounds, and smells of your physical environment.

The increased awareness you develop practicing meditation helps you when performing informal mindfulness activities such as mindful eating. It also sets the stage for practicing the more erotic sexual mindfulness activities contained in Part three of the book.


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