Sexual Mindfulness Book: Chapters 11 and 12; Mindfulness Training

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Sexual Mindfulness

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Video # 11/12 Formal and Informal Mindfulness Training

In this video I answer the question; What is the difference between formal and informal mindfulness training?

Formal mindfulness training is a structured around a program of daily meditation practice. I teach mindfulness meditation in three steps(1) Diaphragmatic Breathing Training, (2) Breath Meditation Training, and (3) Mindfulness Meditation Training. I find that breaking formal training down this way makes it easier for most people to relearn what it means to be mindful. It is simply too difficult for most people who have never meditated before to jump right into mindfulness meditation practice and succeed. Easing in with my simple three step process guarantees your success. Informal mindfulness training revolves around using simple exercises and activities that help you increase your awareness of everyday experiences. including sex.


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