Sexual Mindfulness Book: Ch. 5 Your Gender Role

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Sexual Mindfulness


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Video # 5 Your Gender Role

In this video I answer the question; What is your gender role and how is it related to sexual mindfulness?

Your gender role is the flip side of your gender identity. It is the external portrayal of how you behave as a man, woman, both, or neither. In other words your gender identity is how you see yourself, while your gender role is how you act. For most people these two are congruent, that is they match. For example, most biological males identify as men and behave in very traditional masculine ways and most biological females identify as women and behave in very traditional ways. By traditional I mean the expected roles for men and women that have been passed down through the culture over many generations. The majority of most men and women accept these traditional gender roles without question but others do not. ==========================================================

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