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To get control of your runaway mind and the stress response it triggers you must remember one thing:

The stress response is really a response to threat triggered by your mind.

Threat today comes in many forms; a new boss, an unexpected bill, your daughter doesn’t come home or call in by her curfew, you mother slips and falls and breaks her hip, your best friend says something nasty about you on social media, etc, etc.

A key first step in learning how to rethink your stress is becoming more aware of what your mind tells you about threat, and your ability to cope with it.

What your mind thinks about the threat and your ability to cope with it can be broken down into two categories:

  1. Helpful thoughts – objective, rational  thoughts about the actual threat posed by the potential stressor and your ability to cope with it.
  1. Unhelpful thoughts– irrational, unrealistic thoughts about the degree of threat and your inability to cope with it.

Some of you have already taken the first step in understanding how your mind thinks about stress by reading my blogs and getting your copy of my easy-to-use mental technique that  shows you how to stop the stress response by changing the way you think about threat, and your ability to cope with it.


If you haven’t gotten your copy of the free PDF Download get it right now by simply clicking here.


I kept thinking however that this was just wasn’t enough. I asked myself, “what else could I do to help? How could I keep your momentum going or get it started in the first place for those of you who were unfamiliar with my work?”


So, after mulling this over, I’ve decided to offer a FREE WEBINAR.

If This is You:

  • You are tired of your mind racing constantly.
  • Your mind jumps from one unhelpful thought to another.
  • You over-think everything.
  • You worry about everything and feel unable to cope.
  • You feel like you are always on am emotional roller coaster.
  • You can’t concentrate and stay focused on the things in your life that really matter.

  I Can Help!!!

My free webinar, Conquer Stress by Changing the Way You Think About it, will help you discover how to slow down your runaway mind and use the power of your brain to change the way you think about stress forever.

In my Conquer Stress by Changing the Way You Think About it free webinar you’ll discover how to:


  • Slow down your runaway mind.
  • Keep your mind from jumping from one unhelpful thought to another.
  • Stop over-thinking everything.
  • Coexist with worry, fear, anxiety, and other painful emotions.
  • Get off of the emotional roller-coaster you are on.
  • Focus on the things in your life that matter.



“>Change The Way You Think About Stress Webinar

Stress less, Live More,


Dr Rich Blonna


  1. Dear dr Blonna, great initiative and looking forward to that biut unfortunately, I’m not able to register as I get redirected to a page saying the seminar is passed already (March).

    Could you please provide another link?

    Thank you very much

    • Sorry Oliver, Here is the link:



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