Reduce Stress and Operate at Peak Efficiency

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For the past couple of days I have been writing about how ironic it is that helpers, people just like you who have dedicated themselves to helping others reduce their stress, reach their goals, and live lives filled with passion and purpose have lost those very qualities themselves.

Yesterday you told me how you can sometime be overwhelmed by fun things that under normal circumstances you’d never consider to be stressful. I think you can see that it isn’t only what you do, but also how much you do that contributes to your stress.

Finding that balance between what you do and how much you do in any given day is what I call finding your optimal level of demand. This is the point where you are taking on just the right amount of activity (both fun and work) that gets you to the point of operating at peak performance. To do this you have to push past this point and experience a drop off of your level of performance.

This sets the stage for getting rid of unhelpful demands that rob you of vital time and energy. When you do this you literally start taking back your time and your life to get to that sweet spot of operating at peak efficiency.

Taking back your time and your life is a three part process:

Part one involves examining your personal and professional values and goals and the direction you want your life to be moving in.

Part two involves assessing how you use your time and where this is helping or hindering you in meeting your values-based goals and operating at peak performance.

Part three involves taking concrete action steps based on specific skills (some of which you already have, others you can learn) to get rid of unhelpful demands, free up time, and get back on course to operating at peak performance.


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