Relax Away Your Stress; Free Webinar

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These are stressful times. Working for a living, raising kids, caring for parents and loved ones and being involved in your community leaves little time to relax your body and mind  and get rid of the by-products of stress.

You need to put your body into a relaxed state to counter the effects of stress-related muscle tension and nervous energy.

If you don’t relax, the tension and nervous energy builds and builds until it gets to the breaking point and starts to cause serious physical and mental health problems.

So I’ve been thinking about this and what I can do to help you discover what true relaxation feels like. I want to help you relax your tense muscles, slow down your runaway mind, and begin to focus on what is really important in your life.

Some of you have already taken the first step and have started reading my blogs and gotten your copy of my free Audio Download, Diaphragmatic Breathing. If you somehow missed that offer please click on the following link and grab your free copy before the offer expires.

FREE Audio Download: Diaphragmatic Breathing

I kept thinking however that this was just wasn’t enough. I asked myself, “what else could I do to help? How could I keep your momentum going or get it started in the first place for those of you who were unfamiliar with my work?”
So, after mulling this over, I recorded a FREE WEBINAR that describes exactly what you need to do to relax away stress-related tension and nervous energy. It is called the Relax Away Stress-Related Tension and Nervous Energy webinar.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • what true relaxation is.
  • how to lead with your mind to relax your body.
  • the secret to slowing down your runaway mind by relaxing your body.
  • how to relax tense muscles by using easy-to-learn relaxation techniques.
  • how to focus on what really matters to you.



Watch Here

Stress Less, Live More,

Dr Rich



My free report will show you how to relax your muscles, calm your runaway mind, and get more energy and time to live a life filled with passion and purpose.

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