Stress Caused by FUN Things

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How can stress be caused by FUN things???

In the past couple of blogs I’ve described how ironic it is that helpers, people just like you who have dedicated themselves to helping others reduce their stress, reach their goals, and live lives filled with passion and purpose have lost those very qualities themselves. So many helpers I know are overwhelmed by too many demands and commitments and not enough time to meet them.


I have been there myself and what I find most ironic is that my overload often is the result of taking on too many commitments that I love and enjoy. That is the irony of overload; even fun things can become stressors if you take on too many of them and do not have enough time to devote to them.


I’ve tried to live a balanced, holistic life that revolves around the seven dimensions of health; physical, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, emotional and mental. I’ve managed to incorporate activities, friends, and commitments from these dimensions that have connected me to my deepest values and have created a wonderful life filled with passion and purpose. The only problem is that sometimes there is so much to do, read, attend, and get involved in that I have to start cutting back and saying no to things that I enjoy and am passionate about simply because I do not have the time and/or energy to partake in them.


In my free e-book, REDUCE, I discuss different strategies that have helped me achieve the right mix of activities and commitments. The book can help you:


  • Discover what is sabotaging you from having more time and living a life that is consistent with your values and goals.
  • Uncover the areas where your current use of time is helping and hindering you from living the kind of life you want and deserve.
  • Create a clear, values-based plan with the detailed steps you need to take to immediately start to reduce the unhelpful demands on your time.


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